Change the way the world uses money.

Our story

Five years ago we set out to solve an intractable problem: how to source low-cost capital to fund large-scale housing production. Our efforts resulted in GetLoci, a no-transaction-fee global marketplace reshaping the user economics of receiving, storing, paying, and trading money and real assets locally and globally.

GetLoci eliminates financial middlemen to better serve the aligned interests of its users, the natural stakeholders of the real economy, over the narrow interests of shareholders alone.

Loci Network founders have built teams across the globe to serve the interests of future GetLoci users. From New York to San Jose, from Chicago to Buenos Aires, teams are working to deliver GetLoci to users globally. GetLoci is releasing features now — it's an exciting time to be a global user of money and value.

The team

Jason K. Willard
Founder and CEO

Kirk empowers diverse teams learning to serve global users of the GetLoci Pocket and Loci Network.

Kirk began his career as an accountant with EDS and then spent ten years learning to develop residential housing before founding GetLoci.

Tomás Brave
Founder and Counsel

Tomás has been a GetLoci leader from the beginning, helping form legal and regulatory strategies serving users globally.

Trained as a commercial lawyer, Tomás also has a deep body of experience in real estate law and residential development.

Eric Newhuis
Founder and CTO

Eric has a long history working in the financial industry designing and developing highly-available trading systems.

As CTO, Eric leads technology architecture, design and long-term infrastructure planning to scale GetLoci as it matures.

Sam Skinner
Chief Investment Officer

Sam leads GetLoci's investment teams helping users learn how to protect their wealth with Loci digital assets and securities.

Sam brings over 15 years of trading experience in global financial markets with roles at 2 major US investment banks in New York.

María Quartino
Co-founder and Economist

Maria is a senior economist for Loci Technologies. She also serves as an advisor to the board of Argentina’s Banco de la Provincia, and is a partner and director at ARG Markets, a financial consultancy firm.

María earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s in corporate finance from the University of San Andrés.

Mike Diedrichs
Director de Operaciones

Mike es un experimentado emprendedor que cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia en los mercados de capital.

Mike ha desarrollado y gestionado varias plataformas de negociación y trading desks de ingresos fijos y commodities.

Mike conducirá las operaciones y la ejecución del plan de negocios de GetLoci.

Network values